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The 2014 April Fool's Day race will be held on the 1st of April.

6:30 pm at the Stanly County Family YMCA.

New for 2014:

Award categories will be by the initial of your first name, rather than age.

Men     Women
A and B   A and B
C and D   C and D
E, F and G   E, F and G
H and I   H and I
J and K   J and K
L and M   L and M
N, O and P   N, O and P
Q, R and S   Q, R and S
T and U   T and U
V and W   V and W
X, Y and Z   X, Y and Z

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Race Starts at 6:30pm

Race Day and Packet Pick-Up Information

1) Packet Pick-up is Monday from 9 - 6 and Tuesday 9-3 at Vac & Dash

5:00 pm at the Stanly County Family YMCA on Tuesday April 1st.


2) Race Starts at 6:30 PM on Monday April 1st at Stanly County Family YMCA.

3) Parking:  You can park on the street and the Y or various parking lots. Please do not use the Hartsell Funeral Home lot, as they may have a funeral viewing.  You can park at the Y, on the street, or other parking lots.  If you can carpool it would be great.

4) Be careful of traffic.  We will have course monitors and the City of Albemarle Police Department helping with traffic.  Run Safe!

5) Obstacle Course Bypass Option:  There will be a 35' inflatable obstacle course to run through.  If you feel you can not run through the obstacle course, you can by pass it by skipping 30 times on a jump rope.

Obstacle course tip:  When going through the first part of the obstacle course, go through the tubes, rather than over the tubes.

(When people go over the tube, it tends to cut the air flow to the inflatable off.)

6)  Awards: You'll want to stick around for the awards and prizes.  Ten Participants will be given a chance to win various prizes and money, including $100.00 cash.  Door prizes will begin as soon as the last runner crosses the finish line. 

You'll want to stick around for the awards, as we have many surprises in store for you.

7)  Throughout the race, you may have water balloons thrown at you.  We have asked the throwers to throw the balloons at you feet.  However, sometimes their aim is off.

8)  Running through yards and garages.  You will run down the Owen's driveway, under their carport, past their bomb shelter and around their house.  You will run on grass for about thirty yards at the Owen's.  Run easy and enjoy the oddity of it.

The Jennifer Hatley 4th Ever April Fools Day 500,000 Centimeter (5K) Classic

Monday April 1st, 2013

Runners raced against people their own height rather than age.

Men       Women
5'2" and Below     5' and Below
5'3" - 5'4"     5'1"
5'5" - 5"6"     5'2"
5'7"     5'3" 
5'8"     5'4"
5'9"     5'5"
5'10"     5'6"
6'     5'7"
6'1" - 6"2"     5'8" - 5'9"
6'3' -6-4"     5'10"-5'11
6'5" Plus     6' Plus


We will also have the National Guard Obstacle Course on the grass at the Y for the finish line rather than on the road.

Here's a link to the route:

Here's the list of registrants as of Friday March 22



2012 Results

Thanks to all who ran, volunteered and cheered! 

More photos are on the Vac & Dash Facebook Page.


Past, Previous, Prior April Fools Day Pranks and Information:

The 3rd Times a Charm Sean Barbee April Fools Day 500,000 Centimeter Classic

(For the Mathematically Challenged, it's a 5K)

Presented by the Jesters of Vac & Dash


Sean Barbee was the 2012 Jester of the Day.


The April Fool's Day $100.00 Challenge! 

Dana Burleson's daughter race me through the obstacle course and won a $100.00 Gift Certificate from Vac & Dash. 

Don't Miss this EPIC BATTLE!!!!


2nd Time Around Vac & Dash April Fools Day 5K Classic

The race in which the Fun takes the mind off the Run!

A Clown with a Chainsaw + Running through a backyard + Water Balloons + Bowling Trophy's for winners + Customized Baby Bibs for race bibs with "Your Name" written on each of them + Air National Guard Obstacle Course + "Let's Make A Deal" Door Prizes + a fun time for all = 2nd Time Around Vac & Dash April Fools Day 5K Classic!
Thanks for all that volunteered and ran!


The runners, that wish to remain anonymous, make their way over the first wall.


Winners were presented with Bowling Trophies for their efforts.  Most runners got custom baby bibs for their race bib with

"Your Name" written on each of them.


2011 April Fools Day Results:

More photos are on the Vac & Dash Facebook Page.

Race Day Details & Packet Pick-up

Many folks run the April Fools Race to get the long sleeve shirt with the wacky sponsors on the back.

Here's one of our newest t-shirt sponsors:


Nice Buns is located a bit south of Reality Road on Fantasy Lane!


The fun filled race was full of pranks & surprises!


Mandi Rogers, Gwen Lanning and Rita Phillips were ready for a fun-filled race.

Top Ten 2010 Pranks:

1) Volunteer Ritchie Hearne called out the mile time split at the .7 mile mark.

2) Runners were hit by water balloons and supersoakers at Tenth St. turn.

3) Course went down the Owen's driveway, carport and backyard.  Their three year-old, was able to squirt runners without getting in trouble from his parents.

4) Runners were surprised to find that in the Owen's backyard, Ryan had put together a simulated paintball war game with his youth group. 


5) Turned around and ran through water balloon zone again.

6) On Oakwood Ave. the course detoured through the Greenlee's Garage, around the back of their yard and through a kids water wiggly sprinkler system.

7) At the finish, the runners had to navigate through a 35 foot inflatable obstacle course.  Runners that did not want to go through the obstacle course had to count 20 Mississippi's.


8) Door Prizes: Runners thought The Very Big Door Prize that was the rectangular in shape, was the old white closet door in the above picture with a sign that said "Very Big Door Prize". 13 year old, won the prize but had her choice of picking one of the Saucony bags with a prize in it.

She chose the bag, which had a $8.00 hat.  If she accepted the "Very Big Door Prize" that was rectangular in shape, she would have walked away with a Ben Franklin!  That's right, I had a $100.00 bill taped to the back of the Very Big Door Prize sign.


Other door prize twists: Mixture of a wide variety of items, including a leftover from the Kellie Pickler American Idol days, a Pick Pickler Thong, made of cool max material of course.

9)  Age Group Awards went to the Slowest, 2nd Slowest and 3rd Slowest in each age group. 

10) Slowest men and women runners earned the big hardware:

Best of Slow, 2nd Best of Slow and 3rd Best of Slow

Mark your calendar for the next nine Vac & Dash April Fools Day 5K Classics:

4/1/11, 4/1/12, 4/1/13, 4/1/14, 4/1/15, 4/1/16, 4/1/17, 4/1/18 & 4/1/19

Pictures From Sunday's Practice Run


Runners that showed up for Sundays April Fools Day 5K practice run won door prizes.  The seven that showed up and ran the course were awarded a April Fools Day 5K Classice Cool Max T-shirts at Thursday's Post-Race Award Ceremony.

In photo #2, Kelly Franklin shows off the out-of-date box of GU she won. Mandi Rogers won reflective arm bands from Asics. 

In honor of our newly invented sponsors: Butts and Mutts and Barney's Animal Clinic & Taxidermy, we thought it was appropriate to take the photo in front of the dog waste bucket at the Y.


If you'd like to help, send an e-mail to

When runners make the last turn, they will have to make their way through the Air National Guard Obstacle Course before finishing the race.


Tillery Vineyard & Taxi Service "You Drink - We Drive"



OK, the sponsors aren't real, but they will look cool on the back of the shirt.