April Fools’ Day 5K Classic

The 2018 Kathy Broyles Vac & Dash April Fool’s 5K & Easter Eggstravaganza race will be held on the 1st of April at 3:00  pm at the Stanly County Family YMCA.

2018 April Fools Day 5K and Easter Egg Eggstravaganza

New this year, just before crossing the finish line, you will run through a field full of Easter Eggs. Each egg will be numbered.  The number will correspond to a prize that you will pick-up after the prize table.


Race Day and Packet Pick-Up Information

  1. Packet Pick-up begins Saturday Vac & Dash from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm at at Vac & Dash.
  2. Race Day Packet Pick-up Begins at 2:00 pm at the Stanly County Family YMCA in Albemarle.
  3. Race Starts at 3:00 pm on Sunday April 1st at Stanly County Family YMCA.
  4. Parking:  You can park on the street and the Y or various parking lots. Please do not use the Hartsell Funeral Home lot, as they may have a funeral viewing.  You can park at the Y, on the street, or other parking lots.  If you can carpool it would be great.
  5. Be careful of traffic.  We will have course monitors and the City of Albemarle Police Department helping with traffic.  Run Safe!
  6. Obstacle Course Bypass Option:  There will be a 35′ inflatable obstacle course to run through.  If you feel you can not run through the obstacle course, you can by pass it by skipping 30 times on a jump rope.
    Obstacle course tip:  When going through the first part of the obstacle course, go through the tubes, rather than over the tubes. (When people go over the tube, it tends to cut the air flow to the inflatable off.)
  7. Awards: You’ll want to stick around for the awards and prizes.  Ten Participants will be given a chance to win various prizes and money, including $100.00 cash.  Door prizes will begin as soon as the last runner crosses the finish line.
  8. You’ll want to stick around for the awards, as we have many surprises in store for you.
  9. Throughout the race, you may have water balloons thrown at you.  We have asked the throwers to throw the balloons at you feet.  However, sometimes their aim is off. Running through yards and garages. You will run down the Owen’s driveway, under their carport, past their bomb shelter and around their house. You will run on grass for about thirty yards at the Owen’s. Run easy and enjoy the oddity of it.